Development Notes (2015 Week 49)

Phacility Updates

We've made a few more minor billing adjustments to Phacility: the system will now automatically warn you about overdue invoices and eventually suspend your instance if you don't pay any invoices for a very long time. This improves the previous system which involved me manually identifying offenders at random and hand-writing them really mean emails.


@chad has made a lot of improvements to Phame in the last couple of weeks, and it's likely to leave prototype fairly soon. This is now mostly blocked on me finding time to fix a couple of infrastructure issues and us making a final decision about renaming it to "Salty Sea Captain's Nautical Adventure Logjournal".


I've been focused on ApplicationEditor this week, and it's now supported in Paste, Owners, and partially in Maniphest. See T9905 for discussion.

The Maniphest integration still has a lot of rough edges which I'm planning to clean up next.

Written by epriestley on Dec 5 2015, 2:39 PM.

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