Development Notes (2016 Week 2)

We're much closer to making callsigns optional on repositories; subprojects and milestones are creeping forward.

This is a companion to the 2016 Week 2 (Early January) Changelog.


For complex historical reasons largely related to Subversion not having unique commit IDs, repositories currently require unique callsigns. Everyone who does not use Subversion hates this (see T4245) and we're close to making them optional.

I largely fixed a lot of adjacent issues in Diffusion on the way to this change. Many were related to extreme cases: we should now have better behavior with large files, slow files, slow blame, huge files, and enormous directories. We should also have generally better performance and error handling in a number of normal cases. And the little line that shows branches now works better on the first commit in a repository and in repositories with exactly one commit.

Subprojects and Milestones

Work on subprojects crept forward this week, but we're still doing a lot of internal design work and not much has made it to the UI level yet. A few new things are available and there are a handful of UI changes (including customizable project icons). These features should continue to develop in the coming weeks.

Written by epriestley on Jan 9 2016, 12:46 AM.

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