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Sep 30 2015

theunreplicated added a comment to D14203: Implement phutil_console_get_terminal_width for windows.

I don't know whether Lint is OK,as described above I modified the arcanist source code in order to be able to commit this, I have no working linters.Otherwise it would always invoke lint without prompt which fails on windows as it tries to build the xhpast linter with the visual c++ by using make commands from the unix world which is totally wrong. But the first time I tried to commit this arcanist prompted me to explain why the linting failed so this could be committed without a successfull lint,afaik I aborted and the next times it would just refuse to commit(Exception:xhpast is broken),which is odd.Deleting arcanist and phutil and redoing the changes by hand again didn'T solve it,so it seems to save settings somewhere in the system, I have no clue where, %programdata%/phabricator doesn'T exist and .arcrc has nothing to do with that.

Sep 30 2015, 9:58 PM
theunreplicated retitled D14203: Implement phutil_console_get_terminal_width for windows from to implement phutil_console_get_terminal_width for windows. The width(number of columns) is being taken by searching for the column count in `mode con` with a regex, that origins from stackoverflow,but a (heavily) modified is used(see discussion in....
Sep 30 2015, 9:46 PM

Sep 28 2015

theunreplicated added a comment to T9444: The function phutil_console_get_terminal_width needs to work with Windows.

As for the regex note that I am not the author of it,as stated in my comment above(maybe it has been overlooked because i didn't say that clearly),i have just taken it from stackoverflow(if that's ok) to provide a solution for this task as it seemed to be straightforward.As you said this regex looks really weird,I for myself would't even be able to form such an regex,but I am able to explain roughly in detail.
So mode contains in my case 2 blocks,one with sth others and the other with the headline containng CON,this regex looks for the first appearance of CON followed by an arbitary number of any characters following a : .As you have pointed it's better to use the con directly via mode con,i have added a patch that does it.The : is follwed by a sequence marked by ( ),this sequence is detected when a line break(\n occurs) followed by an arbitary number of characters without |,so every time a line break occurs it will trigger that sequence.THe 3 in the { specifies how many times this sequence should match in the text before the regex engine proceeds with the next statement(I bet you're aware of this),which is (?<cols>\d+).
I guess ?<cols> is to copy the matched contents of this sequence in to the key with cols in $matches,so it's redundant as basically every sequence marked with( is accessible by a number as key.The \d stands for digits,so as soon as the regex engine encounters a non-digit,it will abort.

Sep 28 2015, 10:17 PM · Windows, libphutil

Sep 26 2015

theunreplicated added a comment to T9444: The function phutil_console_get_terminal_width needs to work with Windows.

I think my suggested code from stackoverflow for Windows behaves like its unix counterpart,as it outputs the same numberm,namely 80, and does not rely on the actual size of the terminal window.However,note,that I have not tested the following code in conjunction with phutil,only tested the code stated in my comment above.

Sep 26 2015, 9:17 PM · Windows, libphutil

Sep 20 2015

theunreplicated added a comment to T9444: The function phutil_console_get_terminal_width needs to work with Windows.
preg_match('/CON.*:(\n[^|]+?){3}(?<cols>\d+)/', `mode`, $matches);
$cols = $matches['cols'];

This outputs the number of columns of the terminal window according to (it's a weird trick),so I assume the width can be concluded in some way from the number of columns. Tested it ,but however when resizing the window by mouse the number of columns stays the same,don't know whether this behaves exactly as the non-Windows implementation.

Sep 20 2015, 7:49 PM · Windows, libphutil

Aug 14 2015

theunreplicated added a comment to P1792 PhabricatorGermanTranslation.php.

Hi,I have added some translations,those can be added into this paste here as well.But I haven't tested those with Umlaute like äüö because I didn't manage them to show up in my local phabricator windows installation(I've inserted those translations as a hack into PhabricatorVeryWowEnglishTranslation.php because putting this file into the xtensions folder will not show them up in them in settings>account>translation nad arc liberate fails seems to fail on windows)

Aug 14 2015, 4:54 PM · Localization
theunreplicated awarded P1792 PhabricatorGermanTranslation.php a Like token.
Aug 14 2015, 2:53 PM · Localization

Feb 17 2015

theunreplicated awarded T4207: Implement (tree) subtasks, as distinct from (graph) task dependencies a Like token.
Feb 17 2015, 10:27 PM · Maniphest
theunreplicated awarded Welcome a The World Burns token.
Feb 17 2015, 10:18 PM

Dec 28 2014

theunreplicated awarded Welcome a Baby Tequila token.
Dec 28 2014, 10:45 PM

Mar 12 2013

theunreplicated awarded M15: Workphlow - Card interactions a Like token.
Mar 12 2013, 2:47 PM