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Workphlow - Card interactions

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chad, Mar 7 2013
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Some interaction points on Tasks/Cards for inside Workphlow

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chad created Workphlow - Card interactions.Mar 7 2013, 6:43 PM
chad added subscribers: epriestley, btrahan.

I like there cards, it's look like Trello cards, It's better useable.

Very nice. I prefer the style above the Trello cards. Here are some thoughts:

  1. I don't like the 'Business!' Call to Action. The color is good, but the text doesn't say much. I know you want to be a hipster, but 'Save' works fine.
  2. The 'Add Task' Call to Action could be more prominent, maybe more in the style as the cards themselves, so the user knows what is going to happen when clicking it.
  3. I don't understand what the 'Unbreak Now' priority means. I get the 'Wishlist' priority, but I don't see the added value for this one. I think both shouldn't be there. I think there won't be much users that will use the wishlist priority label. And if they are using them, it suggest they don't know what they should do with this one and it shouldn't even be there in the list to begin with. They should add a 'Wishlist' list, or something similar.
  4. I would prefer to see avatars below the 'Assign To', Faces are easier for me to recognize than text. If you disagree, I would then suggest to replace the avatars in the right bottom of the cards for names.
  5. Why is the 'Nobody' person there under 'assign to'? When there is nobody assigned, by bother them showing text? It doesn't make sense.
  6. I think the subtle text shadow in the cards are worsening the contrast/readability.

This isn't meant to sound as criticism, but as feedback.

When will the beta version of these workflow cards be added to the Phabricator? Can't wait to see it!~~

It's on the roadmap, but not likely in 2013. Hopefully early next year.

carlsverre added a subscriber: carlsverre.

I have been using the boards a bunch lately and this type of on-board usability would be amazing!

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