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Run Core Tests

Build Steps

    • Build a working copy in Drydock.
    Output Artifacts
    Working Copywork
    • Run command ../arcanist/bin/arc unit --everything --target ${target.phid} --conduit-token api-a2rojt6uuqi2gl7ou7xwdlz2muaw on work.
    Depends On
    Build StepBuild Working Copy
    Input Artifacts
    Drydock Leasework

Plan Behaviors

Hold DraftsAlwaysRevisions are not sent for review until the build completes, and are returned to the author for updates if the build fails.
Warn When LandingAlways"arc land" warns if the build is still running or has failed.
Affects BuildableAlwaysThe buildable waits for the build, and fails if the build fails.
RestartableAlwaysThe build may be restarted.
RunnableIf EditableOnly users who can edit the plan can run it manually.

Run By Herald Rules

  • No active Herald rules trigger this build.

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