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Don't require newline for Differential Revision autoclose magic
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Would it be possible to use the same (or similar) syntax for autoclosing differential revisions as autoclosing tasks? My main issue is not so much the verbosity of "Differential Revision", rather that it must be on a line by itself. I'd like to be able to just write "Closes D1" or "Merge D1" anywhere in the commit message to get the linkage and autoclose functionality.

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The reason we'd rather have it on the same line is because most hg clients (including Phabricator's Diffusion, but more importantly our local TortoiseHg clients) only show the first line of any commit in the pushlog. For us to get to the revision number would require an extra action. We generally try to keep our commit messages to one line for this reason. Additionally this was something that was difficult for us to figure out as it is inconsistent with the rest of the linking functionality explained in T5132.

@epriestley Can you reconsider this request now?

Sorry, I still don't understand your root problem.

If you want the revision in the first line, why not just put it there? This message will parse fine:

[D123] Only this line is visible

Differential Revision:

Phabricator will ignore the reference to the revision in the subject line, but you can read it with TortiseHG.

There is no "Closes D1" or "Merge D1" syntax, so this isn't inconsistent with T5132.

Btw, we just ran into an issue where the Differential Revision wasn't parsed because the newline was just a LF, phabricator seems to require CRLF. So the git log shows it on its own line with the correct syntax but the description in the differential itself shows it all on one line. Another oddity...

@epriestley Any idea why the issue in my previous comment would be happening? Thanks.