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Modernize Harbormaster build step UI elements
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Harbormaster seems to use old ui elements for build step.

Would you accept a diff from myself to use a better ui element? It seems that it is fairly easy, small patch and suited for contributions since hm is no more prototype.

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tycho.tatitscheff renamed this task from Modernize Harbormaster UI to Modernize Harbormaster build step UI elements.Oct 16 2015, 1:12 PM

Where specifically does Harbormaster have old UI? These look like the correct modern components:

pasted_file (497×397 px, 38 KB)

Yes those build step. Is it ok for you if i try to diff for putting a modern grey/blue text, without those 3d-ish borders. Basically makes second screenshot match first one.

It seems to be easy enough so i can contribute and it get reviewed.

So @chad are you oki for letting me contribute?

This probably needs to be actually designed, so I'll take a pass at it in a bit.

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Nothing really actionable here.