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Show document hierarchy in wiki search results
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When searching the Phriction wiki, search results show the document title. But those titles often don't give enough context -- e.g. we have a web team and a desktop client team, with different development tools, and they both have wiki pages named Development, Unit Tests, and so on. When I click on the document it shows the full path to the page. Can you update the search results (for wiki pages) to also show this full page? Currently it just says "Phriction Wiki Document" which isn't very specific. Making each team add the team name (redundantly) to each of their pages seems silly. Example:

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I'm going to merge this into T8646, which has some discussion about improving the amount of context available in search results, particularly for Phriction results. See also T9416 for a similar request to this one with some discussion.

Generally, this request is entirely reasonable but I want to figure out the approach on snippeting/hovercards first, since that impacts what we do here and the first effort on T8646 was a mess. I suspect the end result here will just be showing the hierarchy in the results (which also makes sense for projects after T3670), but it's possible that the approach we arrive at for adding more body context will cover this on its own.

(Had those task numbers swapped on my clipboard, fixed.)