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Error Processing Mail (Multiple Receivers) when replying to audit mail
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Your email to Phabricator was not processed, because an error occurred while
trying to handle it:

Phabricator is not able to process this mail because more than one application
is willing to accept it, creating ambiguity. Mail needs to be accepted by
exactly one receiving application.

Accepting receivers: PhabricatorAuditMailReceiver,

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So meta, so test.

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from: Chris Burroughs <>
subject: Re: [Diffusion] [Commented On] rGITTEST97826afb7189: some testing

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Countdown and Audit both use the C prefix after D13713, so C123 matches both "Countdown 123" and "Commit (with internal ID) 123".

I think the available fixes are:

  1. Switch Countdown to some other prefix, like COUNT (but this is inconsistent, since Countdown owns the monogram).
  2. Switch Diffusion to some other prefix, like COMMIT (but this will break replies to old mail, although they're already broken today).

I tend to favor (2) since (1) sticks us with legacy junk forever and I think the cost is not large.

See also T7477, although the leading solution there would result in your mail leaving a comment on both the countdown and the commit. This is better as a behavior, perhaps, but also clearly nonsense.

(2) would be good. Just as you note, replying to old commits is already broken anyway...

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