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Method for archiving a things are inconsistent occasionally, sometimes
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In order to archive a Paste, I have to first click on "Edit Paste", which is non-obvious and also inconsistent with Projects, for example, which can be archived from the action menu.

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Could this be part of T9132? Seems like one 😉

Owners and Badges also have this inconsistent archiving flow.

Paste, Pholio, Dashboards, Owners, Badges all work this way. The main reasoning is these items are not usually globally owned (actually Pholio is now) and therefore the vast majority of views will have an action that cannot be taken. I'm personally very hesitant to add additional actions to the action list, specifically it increases the cognitive load on the user and if they won't be able to take the action, it's just clutter.

So ... I don't have the correct answer here currently on fixing this. "Just add an action" to me is like "Just add a config option" to others. Maybe edit could be a dropdown with shortcuts to binary actions? I don't know.

My main question here is, how often are you archiving Pastes? Is this a one-time clean up or do you do this weekly and archive a dozen and it's very painful? Overall, T9132 would be the most optimal route for mass-archiving.

One mild concern I have with merging these into "Edit" is that the effects of disabling things aren't always self-explanatory, and this dialog gives us an opportunity to explain effects.

For example, when you archive a Herald rule, we let you know that archiving the rule will prevent it from activating. I forget how far I got with hooking up Owners, but archiving packages has (or should have) several effects which aren't necessarily obvious or self-explanatory. Of course, some other applications have no side effects.

D8685 is also maybe related, though we never experimented with that live.

I can conceivably land that, I think it just never quite felt right to me. Maybe I'll take another look at it in the new design.

I think we do need to implement some form of that eventually.

To be honest, the paste I was archiving was a fork of another paste which I generated when I wanted to find out how forking a paste works.

In any case, my main concern at the moment is that of discoverability. I looked in the action menu and saw no "archive" button and gave up. I came back a few days later and thought to try looking in Edit.

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