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Upgrading: `auth.login-message` configuration option has been removed
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This config option is being replaced with a modular handler which can render an equivalent message, but also present more flexible context-dependent messages.

If you currently use this option, you can get equivalent behavior by putting a file like this in phabricator/src/extensions/:


final class CustomLoginHandler
  extends PhabricatorAuthLoginHandler {

  public function getAuthLoginHeaderContent() {
    return phutil_safe_html(
      '<h1>Your Custom HTML Here</h1>');


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Would it be possible to get the same functionality for a footer?

On our install we use the header to provide login instructions and tell people who to contact in case of emergency. I would like to shift the latter down below the login buttons, to not clutter the screen too much.

epriestley claimed this task.

I don't think that use case is strong enough to justify making this mechanism more complex. Some ideas:

  • You can use arbitrary HTML, so you could have a small "click to expand" element with a JS behavior at the top.
  • You might be able to write a fake author provider that just renders the instructions as its "login form". Not sure this would actually work.

Or you can just maintain a small local patch.

This has been in stable for more than a month without running into issues, so I'm going to close it out.