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When chat entry is image macro, show only the information of the message in the image, not the macro itself
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Problem: When an image macro is used in the regular chat, the result is - as expected - an image. The issue is that the chat notification widget in the header shows the actual image macro string, which doesn't look nicely integrated:

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 07.19.11.png (194×802 px, 40 KB)

Possible solution: Wouldn't it make more sense to concatenate the strings in this case of parameters 'above' and 'below' and show these instead? So the information is transported to the notification widget, just presented in a way that fits the context. E.g. above = THIS IS, below = AWESOME, the message in the notification will be THIS IS AWESOME.

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Remarkup doesn't work like this, there is the raw and there is marked up. We don't cache/build other outputs like raw-ish.

T2849 has a sort of better explanation of what Remarkup is/does.

Remarkup does have multiple rendering modes. There are currently three: email-text (used for text email bodies), email-html (used for html email bodies) and html (used elsewhere).

T3278 discusses adding a "summary" mode which might be applicable here (render some HTML, like bold/italic, but not images/embeds).

Oh! I had forgot about that task. Sounds like a good place to merge.

Also as an aside, I prefer the raw markup in the meme case at least. I know what success_kid is, so I can actually envision the meme. Changing this markup would need to convey all the same information.