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Support lazy import of accounts in the Phacility cluster
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See T9299 for some context and discussion.

An immediately achievable half measure here is:

  • Create accounts on the instance from a big list which mostly overlaps with users who are likely to get invited.
  • Link their emails to the instance on admin, but don't complete the invite workflow (no account creation, no invite email).

This is basically analogous to a normal import, we just stop halfway. When users sign up and verify their email address, they'll be linked to the instance automatically and when they arrive on the instance their account will already be associated with pending reviews, etc.

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The biggest remaining issue on this workflow is that the pre-verification workflow is a confusing mess, per T7173.

We need to generalize error handling in Phabricator and wait until it promotes to fix this issue in the cluster in the general case, but I think we can catch users on the home screen before they make it that far.

Specifically, we can add a little "Instances You Have Been Invited To But Need To Verify Your Email to Join" section to the home page under the "Active Instances" section (or just add those rows at the bottom). These instances can say "Verify Email" as an action instead of "Use Instance", and clicking the button can tell you that you'll be able to join as soon as you verify your email.

I think this should generally lead users down the correct path before they get to the confusing/over-general error.

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This should be ready to go now, although I'll wait until we're actually ready to act on it to promote and deploy it.

The second change above smoothed out the onboarding flow a little bit, so users should arrive on with a cue that they need to verify their email address to get access to the instance: they'll see the instance, but it's greyed out, and they're told to verify their email. See last row in screenshot for an example:

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.28.33 AM.png (900×1 px, 144 KB)

This isn't perfect and I intend to separately fix the T7173 stuff, but it should stop the flow from dead-ending so abruptly if you don't check your email and give users a reasonable trail of crumbs they can follow forward to arrive where they wanted to go.

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