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Community and Upstream interests for a flowtype linter
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Flow (or FlowType) is a type checker for Javascript, written in O-Caml by Facebook.
It is extensively used in all new Javascript Facebook project like Relay.

I'm about to write a linter for Flow.

Before these I want to gather usefulness from community and core

Community :

  • did you use flow ??
  • would you use flow linter ??

Core :

  • i think it should be better as a arcanist linter as, let say, an aweful regex for regex-based-linter, did you agree ?
  • i think it could in a long long term help stability adding some type annonation in Javelin and integrating flow into phabricator linting ? WDYT ?

Hope I did thinks correctly (this time) !

Event Timeline

I know this is more than a year old but...

I would find it immensely useful for a Flowtype linter. It shouldn't be too much work as flow-bin optionally outputs in JSON format.