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Aggregate exceptions aren't displayed on linter failures
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I am testing some changes to ArcanistXHPASTLinter and I got the following failure:

Assertion failed, expected values to be equal (at ArcanistLinterTestCase.php:173): Some linters failed:
    - Exception: Child in position '1' is not of type 'n_CALL_PARAMETER_LIST': a node of type n_METHOD_CALL: "$o->m()[0]"

#0 /home/joshua/workspace/ ArcanistLintEngine->run()
#1 /home/joshua/workspace/ ArcanistLinterTestCase->lintFile('/home/joshua/wo...', Object(ArcanistXHPASTLinter))
#2 /home/joshua/workspace/ ArcanistLinterTestCase->executeTestsInDirectory('/home/joshua/wo...')
#3 [internal function]: ArcanistXHPASTLinterTestCase->testLinter()
#4 /home/joshua/workspace/ call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#5 /home/joshua/workspace/ PhutilTestCase->run()
#6 /home/joshua/workspace/ PhutilUnitTestEngine->run()
#7 /home/joshua/workspace/ ArcanistConfigurationDrivenUnitTestEngine->run()
#8 /home/joshua/workspace/ ArcanistUnitWorkflow->run()
#9 {main}

This isn't particular useful because I can't see the backtrace for the actual failure.

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