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Unbreak Now and Needs Triage colours are too similar
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We have got some reports from users complaining that Unbreak Now and Needs Triage colours are too similar. It seems a problem simple to evaluate and eventually fix, so here goes a task.

priority_colors.png (236×268 px, 12 KB)

Original reports: and

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Let me add that this is a problem that can be related and subjective, depending of the quality of your monitor and your vision.

For instance, the first time this problem was reported I found it to be a bit exaggerated (looking at my dedicated monitor in my home office at night). The second report came now that I'm in a bar on a quite sunny day, working with my laptop.

At HEAD, I think we've replaced the bar with icons everywhere, and I think we're planning to let different priorities have different icons, so this information will no longer be communicated only through the use of color once that happens (@chad, does that sound right?).

I do think these colors are pretty similar. maybe we could use pink for "Unbreak Now!" instead of indigo? (It's possible this was an unintended change around rebalancing of indigo?)