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Specifying projects not working in Recent Commit search
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I had project A and later created project B and imported several repos under B. When I tried to create a dashboard with Recent Commit search only for project A, it didn't seem to work. All it shows as recent commits are under project B.

Not sure if it's a bug or what I did wrong.


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It seems that the recent commits are sorted by the time it's imported instead of the commit time, as commits later than those newly imported repos are shown. But the filter on projects is still not working.

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I'm not sure how to reproduce this. At HEAD at the time this was filed, the query UI looked like this:

None of these fields allow you to search by project.

At HEAD after D14013, there is a "projects" field, which works properly:

Note that this queries for projects on commits, which are different from projects on repositories.

There is currently no way to express the query "Find all commits which were made to repositories tagged with project X", except by enumerating those repositories. We could conceivably add a typeahead function for this, but I'm not sure what the original issue here actually was.