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Tickboxes are unavailable within tables
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If you're using a table to track your progress through a task, it would be good to have tickboxes available inside it. For example, I use a table to track progress through bug testing on different browsers across different operating systems, so it would be great if I could tick off each browser on each OS as I go.

Internet Explorer 8[]
Internet Explorer 9[]
Internet Explorer 10[]
Internet Explorer 11[]
Safari 7[][]

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I would recommend just using icons:

Internet Explorer 8
Internet Explorer 9
Internet Explorer 10
Internet Explorer 11
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I think there's a reasonable chance we'll build a dedicated "Manual QA Workflow" / "Runbook" / "Preflight Checklist" application some day, but I'd guess not before 2017 unless things change a lot. If we had this application, you could embed workflows into tasks or other documents using {...} syntax and check them off as you worked through things.

I don't plan to make remarkup writable or turn checkboxes into an inline element.