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InvalidArgumentException when attempting to edit profile when policy.allow-public is set to false
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By default, policy.allow-public is set to false. Based on what I'm seeing here, the value for $note would be null when it's passed to the view on line 87, resulting in this stack trace:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set policy.allow-public to false (as it is out of the box)
  2. Attempt to edit your profile

Assigned this to the author of the offending commit. Apologies if that's against protocol.

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Do we have a "helpful bug report" badge?

I cherry-picked this to stable and upgraded the cluster.

Do we have a "helpful bug report" badge?

I'm a software developer myself, so I did my best to provide the kind of report I'd want to receive. If I weren't so totally clueless as a PHP developer, I'd have done this is a pull request within GitHub instead.

Thanks for the great product and speedy turnaround, guys! Keep up the great work.

You have been anointed "Bug Meister"