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Links to installation/update scripts are broken
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In at least two documents ( and you link to various shell scripts for installing or updating your phabricator install automatically (ex.

These links for whatever reason send you to without issuing an error message or anything. Are these gone for good? Or was this just an oversight?

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Sorry, we've been moving hosts this week, we'll get that fixed. In the meantime, you can find the current versions here:

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ok . it is resolved~

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We should fix this since it's confusing, but I don't want to put back in service as a host since this was the only thing it was used for.

Let's either serve these out of Paste, or Phriction, or Diffusion, or just inline them in the document.

  • Copy/paste these scripts somewhere else.
  • Make it editable by only us if it's not in the document, so a malicious user can't sneakly edit in rm -rf.
  • Update the docs to link to the new location.
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Oh, and remove the scripts from version control if their chosen destination is not Diffusion, I suppose.