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It would be kind of neat if Differential allowed specifying priority of reviews
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If the whole team is working hard on the next major release and someone all of the sudden needs to produce a quick patch for the current one time may be of the essence. In this case some sort of a designator for "urgency" on a per review basis would come very handy for prioritizing which review needs to be done first.
In the most basic implementation this can be something like "normal", "when you have time", "I need this done ASAP". and can simply somehow reflect in the UI (like tinting in the list of currently opened reviews, or something like that).
In more advanced implementation this could be available to Herald, so, for instance reviews in a certain project get higher priority automatically.
In an even more involved support higher priority reviews can have their own policy for notifications (like they bug reviewers more often and go "stale" sooner).

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I'd suggest just creating Maniphest tasks for high priority items and referencing them in the differential revision with "Ref T1234". Then you can just look at the high priority Maniphest tasks and address them.

I think this adds significant confusion to the product in a day to day sense for maybe a slight win on occasion when all employees know how to use it "properly" (whatever that may mean). Generally though, Herald / Custom Fields / Dashboards should be able to do most/all of this anyways.

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This isn't something we're interested in pursuing in the upstream. You could add a Custom Field for it locally.