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Don't index Diviner sub-atoms in global search
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Non-top-level atoms like methods currently get indexed, which means queries for strings like loadHandles return a large number of results. These results aren't useful to anyone (even if you're looking for the method documentation), particularly because they aren't distinguishable. The best fix is probably some combination of:

  • Only index top-level atoms (e.g., in PHP, classes and functions).
  • If indexing methods, only index original definitions.
  • Provide more context in results.

Original Description

This is not useful:

pasted_file (879×1 px, 74 KB)

I should be able to select "Not: Diviner Atom" so the search results are more useful.

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Currently, these results are essentially never useful to anyone, so I don't think the proposed solution (adding difficult-to-discovery complexity to the typeahead) is very good. Instead, we should improve the quality of the search results. For example, only indexing top-level atoms (in PHP, classes and functions). I believe we already have the concept of "top-level" in Diviner.

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