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When unsubscribing from task via email, Phab mail notification said a comment was left, but none was
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Users that have set their email preferences to ignore changes of subscribers in tasks, still will receive notifications when someone subscribes / unsubscribes via email (not via web). The reason is that such actions are interpreted incorrectly as comments as well.

Example of a wrong email notification received:

Subject: [Maniphest] [Commented On] T65971: iOS app doesn't support {{DISPLAYTITLE:}}
Deskana removed a subscriber: Deskana.
Deskana added a comment.

If you look at, he didn't leave a comment.

Original report:

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I'm not sure how to reproduce this (it didn't reproduce just now), and haven't seen any other instances of it or further reports. It's possible this was fixed earlier this year; we did some work on inbound mail around the time of this report.