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Half-done comments on posted on arc diff
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Running “arc diff” will automatically post all of my “done”’s to the diff. However it won't post any of my inline replies. This is probably not the best solution. I think that I probably would never want arc diff to post my inline comments or dones. I rarely have things in a finished state and will often leave half-done comments on the diff that I need to come back to and finish later.

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Can you walk me through this? Why are you updating a revision after marking a bunch of things "Done", but not wanting the "Done" to publish?

The assumption here is that this generally corresponds to addressing minor feedback (e.g., style/formatting changes in the absence of a linter which does this for you), which is the major use case we've seen motivating the "Done" checkbox. With this kind of feedback, it makes sense that we'd auto-publish "done": we're showing which minor changes you believe you've made in the update.

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can you add some insight here?

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We don't understand this use case, so we aren't sure how to proceed here.

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@aj: can you comment here?

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@aj if you want to make a new task, please open with more details

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