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"View on previous revision" button on ghosted comment can jump to wrong place
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When I click "View on previous revision" on a ghosted comment, it opens /DXXXX?id=YYYY#inline-ZZZZ in a new tab.

When the page fully finishes loading, I am often viewing a part of the diff completely unrelated to where the comment was originally posted. When this happens, I do see the comment for a split second, but then it will almost instantaneously scroll out of view.

I haven't fully tracked this down, but what I think is happening is that my browser is jumping to the anchor tag before all files have finished loading, and then as files load into view, that either changes my scroll position or keeps the scroll position fixed while changing what's visible in the current browser viewport.

(It's possible that this is a dupe or a sub-part of T5030. Feel free to merge it in if so.)

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This is likely the same as T5030, but I haven't observed it myself and haven't spent the time to try to reproduce it.

@jhurwitz can you confirm these tasks are the same?

I suspect they're the same, but I'm not confident. I'm happy with closing this as a duplicate, and then trying to repro after T5030 is fixed.

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I think it's also possible that this was T11784.