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Tooltip flicker at certain cursor positions
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In the comment box's editor's toolbar, if the mouse cursor is positioned at the top of a toolbar icon, then the tooltip continually flickers on and off. (I'm guessing that the tooltip shows where the mouse is, causing the mouse to no longer be hovering over the toolbar, causing the tooltip to be hidden, causing the mouse to be hovering over the toolbar, etc.)

Observed in Firefox 38.0.5 (where the tooltip flickers slowly) and Chrome 43 (where the tooltip flickers rapidly).

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Here's the DOM with the tooltip container and timestamp container colored:

(The red part doesn't need to exist on the left, right, or top, but does need to exist on the bottom so the little "V" at the bottom has room, and it's easier to pad it on every side than to pad only the side where we need padding.)

When you move your mouse into the area where the red and the orange parts overlap, Chrome flickers since the red part hides the tip, then you're still in the orange so it shows the tooltip again.