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New Conpherence count appears even if I get an email of the message
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Our general rule of thumb on notifications is we'll only notify you once, either via email or via the Notifications icon in the nav (or not at all). Conpherence doesn't adhere to this rule and I'm only just noticing it. I have Z1 set to email and Z1336 set to not email, but I get onsite notifications for both.

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Since Conpherence can override per thread, this is broken out as its own setting:

Hopefully you have it to "Email Always" so you can at least unbreak yourself while you're remote.

I guess it should respect the global override, and then this conpherence settings panel should just be an option in the larger email settings panel? Will need a caption there at least though for the per-thread override. Sound better?

Oh i just re-read your description and it sounds buggy regardless of what you have the conpherence setting set to.

Do you still think re-jiggering how these settings are laid out makes sense?

Yeah, maybe split them out. Per thread likely is always needed and would probably overload any uber settings page, but maybe we could hit some of the more common cases?

Rooms [Email Always, Notify Always]
Messages [Email Always, Notify Always]
Mentions? [Email Always, Notify Always]

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I think this is basically fine as-is.

The notifications rule is "we send you an in-app notification or an email by default", but Conpherence alerts aren't the same as notifications, and I think it's fine for the default rule there to be "we show you rooms with unread messages in the UI, and additionally may send you an email, desktop notification, push notification, etc".

We currently never send you notifications (that is, "Notifications Application" notifications), for Conpherence activity, I believe.

See also T10448.

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This costs me time every day. I get emails for some rooms, and I don't think I should have to visit them in the UI to clear the count when I come back to Phabricator. It's even more bothersome when I'm in the room and chatting that the count needs to be cleared.

I think I can fix this in applyFinalEffects anyways.

That makes at least some sense. My thinking was something like this:

  • We'll probably (?) make "email on every message" off by default, but turn on more selective mail (basically: mentions, added to room?) by default.
  • I'd assume very few users would turn "email on every message" on with those settings, although maybe they would (it sounds like you would?)
  • If a user only receives "added to room" and "mentioned", showing them a bubble in the UI for messages is probably good? In particular, this situation seems weird:

When I have Phabricator open and get a message, I get a visual alert.
When I have Phabricator open and get a message which mentions me, I get no alert [because I got an email instead].

This effectively makes a mention less alerting than a normal message.

But we can also resolve this with a lot of preferences and settings (ala T6162).

Yeah I think this is more about "2 person rooms", where email is nice because it's a 1:1 interest ratio rather than general chatrooms. If we had mention email support, I'd turn off emails with the exception of two person rooms.