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There is no way in Harbormaster to delete a Build plan
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I created a couple of prototype build plans and can't clean them up because I cannot find a way to delete Build Plans.

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Most phabricator object cannot be deleted through the webui; only archived/disabled.
You can use the phabricator/bin/remove utility to remove most of them permanently if you want to.
I'm not sure if it works for build plans already though...

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Sorry, we do not support or accept feature requests for prototype applications like Harbormaster. See here for discussion:

Thank you for your replies. I created this task merely to get an authentic answer of whether I am missing something or the feature is really not there.

For future reference, the remove tool gives the following output:

root@a03429e9740c:/# /opt/phabricator/bin/remove destroy PHID-HMCP-qyzu5hablgpjbocqnkri
Usage Exception: Object "PHID-HMCP-qyzu5hablgpjbocqnkri" can not be destroyed (it does not implement PhabricatorDestructibleInterface).