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How to query diff and task information for commits
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I have played around with the API for some time now and have not really found a way to get a commit's relation to a Diff and/or Task (if any). What I am doing is that I try to get all commits for a team, and value add information of them by adding diff and task info. At the moment the only way for me to do this is:

  • query owners, to get paths
  • query commits by path for an owner
  • query commit info for commits
  • regexp on Maniphest Task in the description object to pick up diff and task info

The problem with this approach is

  1. Our teams are made up of projects, not owners, so it feels a bit awkward to specify owner at the beginning.
  2. Most importantly, the regexp approach is very fragile. I.e. if the code is not being committed via arc diff/land this information is not present in the description.

Please advice if there are any other way to go about this. Or if I should file a ticket to get this information from the API. All I want is basically the information of commits as they are in Differential

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This is generally not possible until after T5873.