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Construction of "default" file resources may lose a race with itself
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This may not be specific to dashboards, but iv seen it happen twice in dashboards.

(I am at HEAD as of right now)

When viewing the dashboard I get the following exception:

AphrontDuplicateKeyQueryException: #1062: Duplicate entry 'PHID-VOID-00000000000000000000-builtin:project.png' for key 'originalPHID'

I have seen it under a recent tasks query, and an active diffusion repo query.

pasted_file (182×622 px, 30 KB)

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I've seen it only once, and it immediately went away.

Yea with a refresh it goes away.

Im curious if its something cache related, I think I normally notice this after restarting php5-fpm... not sure

I've noticed it a few times as well. Always goes away after a refresh and may or may not happen after I've restarted php5-fpm.

I think this is a race condition on building "default" file resources.

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Basically, this is pretty much the same as D12965, except the processes are racing through PhabricatorFile::loadBuiltins().