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Implement mail in Calendar, with reply handling
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Calendar events should send mail, like other objects do.

You should be able to reply to Calendar mail with a command like, e.g., !join or !confirm or !rsvp to mark yourself attending.

Also, verify that invite notifications are dispatched.

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For outbound mail:

  • In the Editor, implement shouldSendMail().
  • This will require you to implement some other methods, like buildMailTemplate() and buildMailBody(). You can look at some other Editor classes for examples.
  • You should get most of this for free -- all the transactions should already be able to render using shared code.
  • Change getMailTo() to include all "invited" or "accepted" invitees.

Setting up real email is hard, but you can use bin/mail list-outbound and bin/mail show-outbound to browse mail that would be sent if mail was set up. This is sufficient to test your implementation.

For inbound mail (this is a bit funky):

  • Implement a subclass of PhabricatorObjectMailReceiver.
  • Implement a subclass of PhabricatorApplicationTransactionReplyHandler.
  • This is a pain to test, I can walk you through it.

What's left?

  • Implement class PhabricatorCalendarEventEmailCommand
  • Implement class PhabricatorCalendarEventRSVPEmailCommand