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InvalidArgumentException in ManiphestTaskSearchEngine.php
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Since an update yesterday im seeing an exception on my dashboard inside the recent tasks block:

InvalidArgumentException: Argument 1 passed to PhabricatorTypeaheadDatasource::evaluateTokens() must be of the type array, null given, called in /srv/http/phabricator/src/applications/maniphest/query/ManiphestTaskSearchEngine.php on line 145 and defined

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This breaks the built-in "Authored" and "All Tasks" queries.

Since an update yesterday

Can you update to HEAD and see if it reproduces, please.

OK, I got a local install at HEAD and it's reproducing "Authored" as failing. Thanks for the report!

Sorry, those commit hashes are not correct. Issue seems to have been introduced in rPf64ca87bfea01a355f3fbf4fa03c460995b5da99

Does someone have detailed repro steps? Here's what I tried:

  • Go to Maniphest.
  • Type a username in the "Authors" field.
  • Search for tasks.

This works fine for me at HEAD, though.

Oh, it's the "authored" prebuilt query specifically.

I clicked on the "Authored" built-in

I'm up to date with your patch, Evan, but I'm still getting this error. I have a live repro if you want to see it.

Is it possible that you didn't restart Apache (or PHP-FPM, if running nginx + php-fpm) and the old code is stuck in APC?

It was APC. Sorry. I thought I had restarted lighttpd after the pull but apparently I've lost my mind.