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Conpherence: Sent text floats below breadcrumb-bar
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When I write text and send it, the page will refresh and display the newly sent text floating below the breadcrum-bar (i.e. the bar that displays Conpherence > remote-username). I assume after the recent adjustments (T7566#106681 and T5095) the message element is inserted into the DOM in the wrong place. The HTML looks like this:

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It's unrelated to T5095. Maybe scrollbar changes in D12396?

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I can't seem to reproduce this, with or without a mouse plugged in. Comments send fine and scrolling up and down works too?

(With a mouse plugged in on production I am noticing auto-scrolling to bottom of a thread not working all that well, which is what D12396 did.)

I can repro so I'll take a look, I don't think I'm doing anything special (I have a mouse plugged in).

One possible issue is that (at least with Safari) you have to quit and relaunch the browser for it to change mouse/no-mouse state sometimes.

chad added a comment.Apr 14 2015, 7:43 PM

It looks like it's appending it on conpherence-messages, but not inside the viewport

auto-scrolling to bottom of a thread not working all that well

I just wanted to report the same. This issue appears both when sending a message and when opening an existing conversation - in both cases the messages are not scrolled down all the way to the bottom.

Confirmed: Fixed

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