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Attaching files to a Phame post doesn't mark them as public
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So when I put screenshots in the weekly changelog post I need to manually mark each of them as publicly viewable in /file/, otherwise nobody can see them.

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If you're sure other users can't see them, update to HEAD.

If you believe other users can't see them because the file page says that the visibility policy isn't what you expect (in the page subheader), check the "attached" tab. Users who can see "attached" objects can also see the file. You can click the file policy in the subheader to learn policy rules, including this rule.



Sorry, misread. Ignore me. This is probably a bug on our side.

If it helps, the phame post doesn't show up under the 'attached' tab on the

(In fact, there's no attached tab even present)

Phame doesn't use application transactions so the fix here is to move it over to use an Editor + transactions and this comes for free.

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