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Documentation for Files
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There is no real documentation for Files, even though it is not a prototype application.

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In all seriousness, I understand why these are filed, but my concern is this does not solve a real problem. Specifically in we request people state problems they are having, and not the solution. If there is a real issue using the Application, we'd rather fix the application and not just rely on Documentation for Documentation sake. I don't want to build Phabricator in such a way that Documentation is a vital part of a user understanding the application. On some applications that may be unavoidable.

Sure, I understand your concern.

Internally, we usually share files around with Google Drive and I want to push for us to do so using Files instead. If I ask people to do so, I don't really think people even know about Files, let alone how to use it. Instead of having to explain it, it would be easier to just refer them to the documentation, which would explain what the application does and how to use it.

Similarly, I think that it is non-obvious how to actually upload to Files. Specifically, I know of three different ways:

  1. Using /file/upload/.
  2. By dragging into a comment box (if using a supported OS).
  3. Using arc upload (I myself didn't know about this method until a few weeks ago).

In all of the above cases, the upload limit is determined by a number of factors (which are already documented). After T550, arc upload should be able to be used to upload arbitrarily large files.