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Searching literal "help" 503's without diviner installed (best guess)
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On our install if you search for "help" it 503's. I played around with debug limit trying to get a stack trace and have not been successful yet. In testing on the upstream I notice that searching the 'help' literal seems to have specific behavior. My naive and probably ignorant view of this is that is may be related to:;c6a7bf87294d28d52587e62b2ad740cd4c6ca32e$7-10

We do not have diviner installed locally, and I think that is more common than not for self managed installs.

503 details from our reverse proxy:

62 FetchError   c Resource temporarily unavailable
62 FetchError   c backend write error: 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable)
62 VCL_call     c error deliver
62 VCL_call     c deliver deliver
62 TxProtocol   c HTTP/1.1
62 TxStatus     c 503

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Well, possibly fixed by D11830. But was certainly broken before D11830.

Will do a bit of leg work on my end to confirm. thank you!

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As indicated pre-D11830 when I search 'help' I see:

post-D11830 I search 'help' and am redirected to

In terms of what is desired here I think you guys are on track and sorry I didn't verify this with an upgraded instance. I totally missed the relevant commit.

I'm not sure if this would be a separate task but I wanted to chime in with an unsolicited 2 cents :) It is kind of weird that searching for the word 'help' it doesn't find things with the word help in them and instead sends you to an upstream install that looks like where you just were but isn't. I totally see the value in the jump nav behavior for the other items, but they also seem like they would never conflict and/or don't violate the principle of least surprise. I'm thinking the meta search for the word 'help' is a valid case and hijacking is not necessarily good and maybe even confusing.

Anyways, thanks gents.

I would concur on the hi-jack and would vote to remove, though surprisingly I don't think it's come up.

It's definitely a bit edge case but a user filed a bug against the error for our pre-D11830 instance, which I why I am here bugging you now :)

A thing to consider is that if you try to search "help foo" or "help asdf" it also hijacks...and those cases are probably less grey than the generic 'help'

Yeah, I think this is a hijack and agree with removing it. This came from "Jump Nav" where it made perfect sense, but when jump nav got merged with global search I think this stopped making very much sense.

We also hijack the word "symbol" but that seems more reasonable than "help". And we hijack a bunch of single letters, but those aren't normally reasonable search queries.

Well, I unhijacked symbol function_name as longhand for s function_name too.