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ArcanistPyLintLinterTestCase test failure
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Using arcanist on git commit 59640f7eae3f7c0a352c18e784fb55acb7967991, the following error can be seen:

$  bin/arc unit --everything --no-coverage
   FAIL  ArcanistPyLintLinterTestCase::testLinter
In 'pylint.lint-test', expected lint to raise warning on line 1 at char 0, but no warning was raised. Actually raised:
  disabled at line 1, char 0: W0611 PyLint W0611
  disabled at line 1, char 0: C0111 PyLint C0111
  disabled at line 1, char 0: W0611 PyLint W0611
  disabled at line 3, char 0: E0602 PyLint E0602

pylint config have been made that way:

  • $ bin/arc set-config --local '^(C|R).*'
  • $ bin/arc set-config --local '^(E|F).*'
  • $ bin/arc set-config --local '^W.*'

Would not it be nice to provide a default pylint config ?

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ArcanistPylintLinter is fairly odd and needs to be modernized to support the .arclint format, I believe.

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... or kicked out in favor of flake8, which is modernized, and runs all(?) other python linters available.

See T5222 for a related pylint discussion