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Improve initial UX for new users on
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The Instances application should take over the home page:

  • Administrators should get a more focused UI with fewer options.
  • All users should get a list of instances they're members of.
  • Staff should probably get some kind of health dashboard.

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Is it relatively easy for me to build a "Phacility" cluster locally to work on the Instances application. How are you maintaining all these locally on your laptop, development-wise.

Get through this and let me know what issues you hit, then I'll document the rest?

Since you have Instances working locally, you can probably get a jump on this.

I don't have a 100% solid plan on how I want to actually mechanically replace the home page yet (i.e., get the route pointing at Instances) -- it'll need to have some upstream component, I just haven't come up with a clean/general way to build it yet. For now, maybe just dodge that and build at /instances/home/ or similar, and we'll re-route it later (or, if you have an idea here, pursue that).

For a rough v0, maybe something like this?

| Your Instances                   |
| phacility                | Login |
| epriestley               | Login |

| News/Announcements?              |
| Don't build this for now but     |
| maybe we put something here in   |
| v2?                              |

| Admin | Bilng | Suprt | Docum |
| Inst  |       |       |       |
|       |       |       |       |

With elements:

  • Top table: table of instances you are a member of, with big login buttons. Goal is to make it very easy/obvious where to go for non-admin users.
  • Middle table: Eventually, we could put maintenance stuff here?
  • Bottom table: a new ActionPanel ( with links to:
    • Launch or adminsitrate instances (/instances/)
    • Review billing information (/phortune/)
    • Get support (some doc/page for now, Nuance eventually)
    • Read documentation (docs)

I think that covers pretty much everything for now? We can deviate wherever we need to, but that seems approximately reasonable.

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I think what remains here is

  • actually hooking this up to be the new route for home
  • implementing the News / Announcement bit (partially related to T7145 where the news is about maintenance, etc.)

actually hooking this up to be the new route for home

This should already be live,

implementing the News / Announcement

I think we can just close this and do that after we have a clearer picture of what's going on, if you want.

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