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Moved file reports "This file was changed only by adding or removing whitespace."
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E.g. in a file was moved / renamed; the contents of the file itself did not change at all (whitespace or otherwise).

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Does the issue reproduce on a modern version of Phabricator. UI wise, that install is at least 9 months old.

Feel free to reproduce against this install.

Tested D9987 and am not able to reproduce any issues on this install similar to what you describe. Are you able to build a repro case here for us or move your installation to HEAD to verify?

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I fixed this a bit ago. Pretty sure this is just an old install.

Please do re-open with reproduction instructions that work on this install if it is in fact still a problem.

In T6986#92147, @chad wrote:

Feel free to reproduce against this install.

Belated follow-up, this is not reproducible after upgrade.