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Don't exclude `/webroot/rsrc/externals/` from linting
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Just wondering what the rationale is for excluding webroot/rsrc/externals/ from linting? This directory isn't really an externals directory and appears to be actively developed on (for example, D11235).

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I think that at one point, it just had Raphael (a "real" external). Javelin should get linted. As an easy fix, we could exclude Raphael only.

Doesn't Javelin get linted anyways in rJX. That is, do we make a change in /externals/ but not in rJX?

We haven't synchronized changes to rJX for a long time. No one is really using it outside of us and almost all the new stuff is advanced (JX.Leader, JX.Routable, JX.WebSocket) so it doesn't end up at the top of my priority list.

Do you think more people use Ponder?

I think there are more installs using Ponder than projects using Javelin, yes.

Javelin still seems to be in use in some form on, but I'd guess it's heavily modified and/or years out of date.