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Confusing UI when harbormaster fails but differential is accepted
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We use harbormaster for our builds and are generally very pleased with its functionality. There is one thorny edge where the UI seems to indicate that a change is ready to land but the build has failed (so arc land warns/bails on you).

In particular, the state it enters is "this revision is now accepted and ready to land".

Is there any consideration for a better visual indicator or messaging so that it's clear the build must pass before landing?

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Harbormaster is a prototype application and we don't take bug reports since its expected to be buggy.

Is this really a harbormaster problem though? I would have located it within Differential.

In any case, just going to leave this here to briefly point to a potentially semantic issue here:

Imagine having e.g. two mandatory reviewers on a diff and harbormaster running a job for that diff on an CI installation.
Now, with the CI server (in this case Jenkins) reporting a failed build, when the two mandatory/blocking reviewers have approved the differential, the email notification will say:

Person X accepted this revision.
This revision is now accepted and ready to land.

So the email template disregards that the build status is actually still failed. Is that a known limitation or something that users can easily adjust through email templates? To the best of my knowledge, it's not a differential setting at least.

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