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Projects as sprints
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I've read this
In the Sprints section it's written "To enable a Project as a Sprint, add the special character '§' to the title of the project. This enables the special functionality of a Sprint project, currently including a Burndown chart and a Sprint Board. A Sprint project is defined by a Start and End date, accessed in the detail view of the project, after the project has been created. Also, every task assigned to the Sprint can include Story Points." Well, I added the character '§' to the title of a project and no chart option was displayed. Am I missing something? Or is the functionality not yet implemented?


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This is a custom extension specific to WMF, not part of the Phabricator upstream. There's no such feature in Phabricator itself.

See T3670 and T5051 for upstream discussion.

Specifically, we can't help answer this question. Someone on the WMF install may be able to. @qgil might be able to point you in the right direction.

@adinnaplus, this is a feature that will be available soon in You can subscribe to to follow the progress.

You can also test the Sprints app in See for instance