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Blocking reviewers continue appearing as blocking even after they accept a revision
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Our team is working around the "require all reviewers" option being unavailable (T731) by having Herald rule that converts every reviewer to a blocking reviewer. We need this because without it people who still need to perform a review don't know this by looking at their home page - the revision that has been accepted by one person automatically shows up in their "Waiting on others" bucket.
However, with these rules enabled and everyone now being a blocking reviewer the revision remains in the "Blocking Others" bucket until everyone accepts it, even for those reviewers that have already accepted the revision, which is the same problem, but in reverse - now all reviews appear in the "blocking others" and the user doesn't know which ones are really actionable.
I think, although I'm not sure, that the same problem occurs if the user rejects a revision - everyone is in the "blocking" bucket until that reviewer accepts it.