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"bin/storage adjust" runs "bin/cache purge --purge-all" with mainline credentials
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bin/storage adjust (possibly via bin/storage upgrade) runs bin/cache purge --purge-all in a subprocess if it applies adjustments. This subprocess does not inherit any --user, etc., flags from the parent, but requires DROP permission, which the web user may reasonably not have.

It also probably does not inherit --namespace, which could cause an unrelated cache purge.

  • Ideally, we should use the provided user -- either:
    • Make bin/cache purge accept MySQL credentials, and make bin/storage pass them (and also --namespace).
    • Put the actual cache purge code somewhere shared and have them both call it, using the constructed API from the storage workflows (probably easier, less messy, and less error-prone).
  • A quick bandaid would be to warn and continue with storage adjust if cache purge fails. This step is not critical, and only improves the performance of storage adjust.

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Another approach would be to either remove this step from storage adjust, or let tables be marked as truncatable: over time, the value of this step will drop significantly, since it's only relevant for installs with a lot of data that are pushing through T1191 for the first time.

Beyond the complexity above, this also destorys the cache generated by bin/auth cache-pkcs8, which is a pain.