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The "Skip Past This Commit" results in exception (diffusion svn blame view)
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How to reproduce:

  1. open file for viewing in Diffusion
  2. enable blame view by clicking on Enable Blame on top right
  3. click on "<<" icon in left column next to any change
  4. url would be like;revision_number$line_number?before=skip_revision_number&view=blame

See this exception:


Call to a member function getID() on a non-object


┻━┻ ︵ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ︵ ┻━┻

This is the line:;120a7d91644753734bbdcdc7f8b50385829a0a5d$86

I guess the commit that was searched wasn't found in that repository (maybe commit was produced as a result of SVN copy from path, that wasn't tracked by that repository).

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While debugging the issue I've figured out possible cause: in SVN the code, that detects previous commit on that file line somehow goes past sub-path of current repository (I wonder how this even possible) and commitIdentifier from another repository is found. When that commitIdentifier is combined with current repository callsign this results in bad commit.

Digging even deeper I've found out that diffusion.commitparentsquery API call is used to determine commit parent. However it seems to work like this for SVN repositories: parent of this commit is this commit minus one:;120a7d91644753734bbdcdc7f8b50385829a0a5d$73

This is a mistake because commit found that way might belong to another repository, which is happening exactly here.

Test scenario:

  1. create SVN repository with following structure:
  1. create 2 repositories in Phabricator, that would import only project1 and project2 sub-path respectively
  2. make commit to project1 folder
  3. make commit to project2 folder
  4. make commit to project1 folder
  5. open last commit in Diffusion in blame view and use Skip Past This Commit

You'll get exception, because previous commit that is discovered doesn't belong to this repository.

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  1. if we're importing full SVN repository, then current implementation is correct
  2. if we're importing sub-path only then we should do svn log svn://repo.url/sub/path --revision current_revision:1 --limit 1 command and get returned revision back

I can submit a patch for that if there is a need, but I'm unsure what is the best way to execute SVN command on remote repository with credentials.

I've submitted a Differential Revision with a fix to described issue.

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@epriestley, could you please confirm that a described behavior is a bug? If that is a bug, then please take a look at the submitted fix.

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