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Aggregate multiple Projects in Maniphest reports
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I'm learning to love Maniphest reports. Thank you for working quite silently on this.

Have you considered the possibility to add more than one project in the Project field? Due to the flat project structure of Phabricator, it happens frequently that a team is working simultaneously in more than one Maniphest project. Adding the relevant projects would aggregate the related data.

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We haven't done any work on this, and don't plan to work on reporting until T4171, which will obsolete this.

I'd accept a patch which turns "Project" into "In All Projects" and adds an "In Any Project" field (this would be consistent with project-based querying elsewhere in Maniphest, which allows you to either query for "in A and B" or "in A or B") if WMF wants to develop it. This patch is probably relatively simple to write.

Alright, understood.

I'd accept a patch ... if WMF wants to develop it. This patch is probably relatively simple to write.

As long as we suffer T6656, users can't access Reports anyway.