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Issues with "Repository" field of Differential Revision
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Problem #1:
When upload new patch, via Web Interface, for existing Differential Revision, then all repositories specified in Repository field for that revision are removed. I believe value of that field should be preserved.

Problem #2:
If I upload new patch, via Web Interface, and then set value of Repository field, then I still see Context Not Available in between code pieces from the patch. I believe, that change in Repository field (from empty to something, from something to something else, from something to empty) should cause context to be populated.

I bet the arc diff command is setting Repository field and silently populates context as well.

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For (1), see T6200. This will probably be fixed soon-ish.

For (2), see T5029. We have no plans to pursue this in the forseeable future.

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@epriestley, for (2):

  • interesting, why this field is made editable if changing it have no effect on revision it self
  • can you please point in place in the code, that is responsible for context setting from arc diff command?

So you pre-generate context by arcanist based on code of the working copy. And Show 10 more lines doesn't really point back to changed file it's just text that comes in with a patch.

I must say I'm impressed. Never would have thought that it works that way.

Yeah, we're basically cheating. It's way easier to implement that way than trying to look things up in the repository, and it works if the repository isn't tracked or all the context is unpublished.