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Countdown Panel
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Oct 28 2014, 5:32 PM
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Countdowns at the moment seem a little pointless, where you need to click into them to see the actual countdown.

Being able to show a countdowns (or your closest countdown) on a dashboard would really make countdowns a little more useful.

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Also, are you aware of the embed syntax?


This means you can show them via remarkup wherever.

That is useful, however, it does look a tad silly having a small panel within a dashboard panel when that is the only thing shown.

I know not a big requirement, and is a wishlist, but now we have dashboard panels, would be good to extend some apps to make better use of them for improved UI.

Yep, its on the wishlist. Just an FYI / helpful tip.

Are you using Countdown as a way to specify things like due dates, launch dates, etc?

We are using them as countdowns to launch dates / milestones within our project

Likewise, we're using them for milestones. But really, what I think we want is calendars tied to projects, countdowns just seemed like the best alternative.

It would be better to show the end time directly inside the embed countdown view. Now it's very difficult to check the end time.

pasted_file (145×313 px, 16 KB)

Also, the end time should be directly visible in the countdown's page, such as the page of C138.

Dashboards need too much work to make this straightforward.

You can panelize a Countdown query now? What's left here?

There was some unrelated discussion, but I think the original idea was to have a dashboard panel which is only this (panel on its own):

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 12.41.41 PM.png (209×501 px, 18 KB)

...instead of this (panel inside a box):

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 12.41.44 PM.png (322×1 px, 28 KB)

It would be maybe-nice for the panel to dynamically fit the column width, too, so it looks a little nicer.

But I hit like 8 bugs in 3 minutes while building this so I'm just going to hold it until we do a dashboards iteration.

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Would a "Countdown Panel" just use a saved "Countdown Query"?
If so, I'd love to be able to query only for Panels where the Countdown ends in <n days or limit the result to n items, so I can only show the most urgent Countdowns when having a lot of upcoming countdowns.