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Register a new user redirect to a png file instead of email confirmation page
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When registering a new user, I get redirected to something like :

  • The png file is shown instead of the email verification dialog.
  • The user is still correctly registered

Is it an issue with our install or a general phabricator issue?

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I'm not able to reproduce this issue and don't see any other complaints.

That png doesn't work?

Anyway, if this is what I think it is, I have seen this problem in the Wikimedia instance, and I have heard a couple of users reporting something similar as well. When it happened to me, I thought that I had clicked some icon accidentally, but didn' pay too much ttention because I was actually logged in a looking forward to test my new username.

I think this is why there are not more reports. Since this only happens (sometimes) during a new account creation, you forget about it after you are registered.

Sounds exactly what we are experiencing. I'll consider this as low priority on our side, and unfortunately, I cannot provide more help on how to reproduce the bug, since I just tried registering with multiple providers again and got no problem this time...

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This is probably expected behavior. If you access a page which you need to log in to view, we try to send you back to that page after you log in (or register). Specifically, the expected behavior is:

  • User follows a link to view some resource (a task, review, commit, image, etc).
  • User needs permissions to view it, so we set a cookie tracking what they were trying to look at and then prompt them to log in or register.
  • User logs in or registers.
  • User is then taken to the thing they were originally trying to access.

The common case is that you're trying to view a task and aren't logged in. After you log in, we take you to the thing you were trying to look at. This case is more roundabout, but I think it's equally valid and the behavior is reasonable overall.

In this particular case it's not what happens.

  • go to homepage
  • click the connect button
  • create new account
  • instead of being redirected to the mail confirmation message (with the button to resend email verification), you see the "small wallet" png.

But as I said, I don't understand why sometimes it does that and sometimes not. Only thing different might be a cookie or session set or not. My 2 cents...

Could you try this :

  • use a private chrome window just to be sure
  • go to
  • register using facebook or normal registration
  • see where you are redirected -> a png file instead of the "please confirm your email" message

Since at least someone else reported this bug outside our install, I assume it's either some specific config we have in common, or a bug

Reproduced. :)

  1. I was in the homepage where everything looked fined
  2. pressed the power button
  3. logged in using Google ID
  4. Filled the account creation fields and saved
  5. Got this:

Screenshot_from_2014-10-23_07:45:59.png (768×1 px, 36 KB)

Thanks for trying. Some more details if it helps about our install :

vps/ debian / nginx (with recommended settings from phabricator install) / php fastcgi / mysql -> nothing special afaict, but hells being in the details ...

chad edited projects, added Auth; removed Phabricator.

I have not been able to reproduce this on this install or my local install.

Whatever auth I try on your server, I get redirected to an image. For Google and Facebook, it redirected me to the Project Icon. For GitHub, it redirected to my GitHub image. I did a Charles to see if I could spot anything, but maybe @epriestley knows how to read these better than I.

pasted_file (286×1 px, 250 KB)

On the last redirect, you can see COOKIE got set to redirect to the image.

pasted_file (305×1 px, 162 KB)

My thought here is, Phabricator on the initial auth screen is trying to load the image resource when you register, and it's getting set in SESSION. So when you do finally auth, you get redirected to it.

I have a theory on what's going on here but need to poke at it.

Also @philippe.jadin if you could delete my test accounts there, it would be so nice. ?

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@chad you have been successfully destroyed :-)

As we approach Wikimedia 's Bugzilla to Phabricator migration (planned to start on Nov 21), more users are registering to our instance and we hear more about "suitcase icon" cases. Today we got a user bothered enough to file a bug:

Theory here is that the image isn't being created with the right permissions when we pull it from the authentication service. Then the user tries to load it, hits a 404 in the background, and gets a cookie set.

Er, not a 404, a permissions dialog.

I believe T7879 is the root issue here, which will be resolved shortly in connection with T7707.