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Make Fund/Phortune UI look more "professional" and less "scammy"
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Oct 14 2014, 7:07 PM
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Some basic notes from @epriestley:

I think some possible issues are:

The credit card image is on the wrong background and generally looks silly and out-of-place.
The form as a whole is full-width, which feels weird for a CC form.
We aren't using a special short input for the CVC.
We could show account / merchant information to contextualize things more.
We could fix the crumbs, which don't contextualize things.
The title is a little off and could be shorter / more direct.
We could make it clear that "(lock icon) Your card information is stored with <reputable provider>."
We can add placeholder text, although I'm not sure how this feels "more reputable".